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Jon Cullum


Jon is a proud but humble man who cares about his clients, his business and of course our planet. He’ll go above and beyond to help anyone that needs help to become more energy efficient and sustainable in their business or home life.


Energy Monitoring Solutions

There are many types of energy monitoring solutions on the market now but the three we recommend for measurement and verification are the following:

Panoramic Power

A great product that's easy to install and use. Both WIFI an 3G enabled. To find out more please click on the link below:

Measure My Energy 

Another great product that's installed by the MME installation team and easy to use. Get real-time visibility with asset and device-level energy data. Empowering you with actionable insights that improve operational efficiency. To find out more please click on this link: www.measuremyenergy.com

Grid Duck Energy Management

Another great product that's easy to install, use and can switch on/off devices remotely! To find out more please click on this link: www.gridduck.com

Cloud-based hardware, dashboard & API enabling control of your clients' energy.

Energy Saving Solutions to reduce electricity consumption

Smartcool - energy saving solution for Air Conditioning, Chillers and Cold Storage

A great product that dynamically adjusts the length of cooling cycles in order to help the compressor operate more often under its most energy efficient conditions. To find out more please click on this link: https://smartcool.net/technology

Coolnomix - energy saving solution for Air Conditioning, Chillers and Cold Storage

A government approved solution that works by optimising the run times of the compressor. To find out more please click on this link: https://coolnomix.com/

COOLNOMIX specialises in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimisation, saving money and reducing energy. Find out about how you could save money on your energy bills with COOLNOMIX, a retrofit device to optimise your air conditioning and refridgeration costs

LED Lighting

We are always surprised by how many companies still haven't invested and taken full advantage of the benefits of LED lighting. The market is saturated but products have significantly improved over the past decade and LED's are available in many forms and therefore tailored solutions can be offered.

Our preferred company to supply and install LED lighting is Save Money Cut Carbon: www.savemoneycutcarbon.com

Voltage Optimisers

There are lots of different opinions out there on just how well VO's work. Here's a company that we can recommend though: www.bristolbluegreen.com

Master Switch

Businesses can train staff to turn off equipment at the end of the day, but these staff behaviours make a significant challenge to any business when trying to lower energy consumption. To take away this challenge, and save up to 20%, we can install a master switch to control all nonessential equipment so at the end of the day there is one switch to isolate all of these devices. The most noticeable device when looking at usage data are the amount of air conditioning units that are left on, simply with one switch all of this unnecessary usage is saved. 


Smart Building Controls Ltd

If you're looking to invest in smarter controls to avoid energy wastage through employee behaviour then check out this cool company: www.smart-buildings.co.uk

Smart Buildings - Innovate, Integrate, Empower. Think beyond traditional boundaries. Innovation is the driving force behind everything they produce.

Energy Saving Solutions to reduce gas, oiL and
LPG consumption

We started back in 2009 with this incredible technology. So many people can't understand how magnetic fuel conditioners work, so we have had the technology scientifically proven at the Sheffield Hallam University in 2014. Also, after a two year trial on two Marriott Hotels, energy savings of over 12% on gas were confirmed. We’re now proud to tell you that the magnetic fuel conditioners are now an endorsed energy saving product of the Marriott Hotel Group.

Thankfully, it is now easier to prove concept, as energy monitoring technologies help us demonstrate the gas savings.

Below you can see one of our magnetic fuel conditioners installed at the Marriott Regents Park in London. Installed on a 2" copper pipe.

The magnetic fuel conditioners are installed within a metre of the point of combustion and can be applied to any fossil fuel burning appliance (boilers, hot water heaters, gas fired kitchen appliances, gas fired driers, steam boilers, etc).

GWUK MFC for steel & copper gas pipes.JPG

Magnetic Fuel Conditioner installed in 2016 at the Marriott Regents Park in London

Installed on a 2” copper pipe.