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Green Wing Energy Solutions burst onto the scene in August 2009 and since then the company have helped many home and business owners benefit from an array of proven energy saving solutions.

We understand that you cannot be experts in every technology and therefore we select technology partners to help support our client’s needs. Not every client has the same needs, so offering an array of proven solutions in this way helps us to extend our support.

Jon Cullum, Managing Director of Green Wing Energy Solutions works closely and directly with clients to ensure fit for purpose solutions are recommended and delivered to meet customer expectations.



With over a decade of energy saving experience and a proven track record, we have and continue to help clients in the hospitality, care, manufacturing and service sectors.

We care about our clients and ensure we understand the requirements as their businesses evolve and change. So we communicate frequently in person and via our website/email to keep clients informed of any solutions that would benefit their business.



It starts by meeting our clients face to face, in order to understand their business requirements and their drivers for change to reduce energy consumption, costs and the impact on the environment.

We understand that selecting the right energy efficiency solutions can sometimes be complicated and our proven steps help ensure clients are on the right track at the beginning of their journey…


Recommended steps along the journey..

Step 1 - Energy Monitoring

"You cannot manage what you do not measure." We believe that it's difficult to understand how well our proven energy solutions work unless a company uses a energy monitoring technology. Over the past few years, the energy monitoring solutions are easier to install, use and are supported well to ensure value for
money is really achieved.

Effective energy monitoring allows businesses to easily identify the wasted energy through behaviour and operational inefficiency. Again significantly reducing costs and impact on the environment.

Step 2 - Retrofitable Technology and Energy Saving Solutions

By helping companies to maximise the use of energy monitoring to identify energy savings and make the appropriate changes, our next recommended step, is to install fit for purpose solutions and accurately "measure" the energy savings offered.

We do this swiftly to build confidence and develop trust in the products that Green Wing Energy Solutions offer. This in turn, helps to build accurate business cases for future projects.

Step 3 - Renewable energy and battery storage solutions

When all of our recommended energy saving solutions have proven successful and energy consumption is managed effectively, the next step would be to recommend renewable energy and battery storage solutions.

This is where our affiliation with local and trusted renewable energy solutions partners supports our clients.

We know that technology evolves rapidly and so we keep our eyes out for new and emerging energy saving solutions by networking in the right circles, attending energy efficiency trade shows and researching trends. If we feel the solutions would work for our clients, we test them and then begin to recommend to our clients.


“We’re not late to the party, there is still a lot of good work and energy savings to be ACHIEVED!”

Jon CULLUM  |  Founder



As we launched back in 2009, Jon Cullum (founder), recognised that not enough support was available to help home and business owners understand and benefit from affordable energy saving solutions. Back then, we only had one product to recommend to our clients and limited budget and resource. Jon spent a huge amount of time networking locally in Dorset and along the south coast to build up a lot of local contacts and clients.

Jon soon recognised the need to join the dots between the various energy saving solution companies that existed throughout the south coast and with the help of the president of the Bournemouth Chamber, launched the “Green Knowledge Network”. The network gave local green energy businesses the opportunity to promote and share knowledge to potential clients and build relationships with other green energy companies.

The network has allowed collaborative working partnerships to develop and some of these relationships exist today allowing our clients to benefit from the solutions provided by our preferred technology partners.

Today, with the help of our technology partners, we are proud to be supporting clients directly such as Marriott Hotel Group, Nandos, itsu, Koh Thai, Hadland Care and Hall and Woodhouse.

Despite the successes already being achieved and even after ten years, Jon recently explained in a presentation “We’re not late to the party, there is still a lot of good work and energy savings to be achieved!”


some of our energy saving clients